Bayete Capital has realised some of South Africa’s most ambitious property development visions.

Based on this unique ability, the City of Joburg selected Bayete Capital to take on its most iconic architectural project to date: the Council Chambers.

The brief was deceptively simple: this flagship development had to be more than brick and mortar – it had to be an architectural icon, representative of the strength and vivacity of a thriving world-class African city.

As this urban landmark started to rise in the centre of Braamfontein, its structural presence began making waves in the media. For more information about this landmark project, its five-star green rating for sustainability, and its blend of contemporary yet cultural style, please click on the news articles below.

Making future headlines
Bayete Capital plans to continue its legacy as a property specialist company that doesn’t simply build buildings but elevates cities. For future news about the urban beacons we create, please watch this space.