Working with government to fulfil mandates

Helping government with property-related issues, is different to working with the private sector. The priorities of completing projects on time and on budget remain the same, yet ultimately, one is fulfilling a social mandate rather than a financial one. There are more stakeholders and good communication is essential.

Bayete Capital has a long and proud history of working with government and its specialists, and our ability to operate within legal, financial and political frameworks is unparalleled.

We analyse the feasibility of each project. We ask the relevant questions:

  • Will property development work?
  • Is there space for a transport node?
  • What is the impact on urban design?
  • Do we need the services of a quantity surveyor, architects and engineers?
  • And are we being responsible towards sustainability and the environment?

Of course, we have also played a key role, and continue to do so, in driving B-BBEE and transformation.