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Bedford City

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Mixed Use Development

  • Client Bedford City
  • Category Private
  • Date In progress

Bedford City is situated in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. This proposed mixed-use development in Mthatha promises a world of possibility. There are opportunities to revive farming, empower others to live off the land and grow jobs, communities, and people – all while growing ourselves.

The development is on the western outskirts of Mthatha, approximately 8.5km from Mthatha CBD, close to Mthatha Dam in the South, is surrounded by privately owned villages, each with its own chief, and linked to Mthath Airport via the R61 freeway (which is currently being upgraded).

The objective of this project is to create a unique city with residential villages entered on farming activity. It also aims to ensure sustainable and efficient use of the farm portions for agricultural uses and maximise the returns and benefits of the developments to landowners, local users, and the surrounding Mathatha region.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE IMPACT: The envisaged total investment in construction costs is for approximately R3.7 billion, which could create an additional R5.9 billion in new business sales, R1.5 billion in additional GGP, and an additional 13 300 once-off employment opportunities.

OPERATIONAL PHASE IMPACTS: An estimated total annual operational expenditure of approximately R3.4 billion, which could create an additional R5.6 billion in new business sales, R2.3 billion in additional GGP, and 6 020 sustained employment opportunities.

Bedford City will be creating a unique residential community A community center Public spaces Facilities: places of worship and community halls Large parks and recreation areas Schools Smaller parks and playgrounds throughout Local retail and social amenities Services: clinics and police stations

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